Clippers Quay Design Guide

The resident-led management company commissioned collective to develop an architectural and urban design guide.

The Clippers Quay Estate is a privately owned, award winning neighbourhood and is situated on Millwall Dock overlooking Canary Wharf. Its urban, picturesque quality is typical of New Urbanism. For instance it includes a well integrated landscape, a carefully considered roof-scape and a variety of low-density housing typologies.

Firstly, the guide sets out how to extend individual homes whilst safeguarding the charm and character of the neighbourhood. For example the discrete architectural interventions include; lanterns, converted bike stores, studio sheds, garden rooms, dormer windows and raised skylights. Secondly, to communicate and share the proposed interventions the team developed an easily navigable design guide, which introduced step-by-step instructions for all residents on how to extend their homes.

Clippers Quay Design Guide will offer flexibility and choice to the residents within a coherent and complimentary plan for the future of this unique neighbourhood.