Satama City

Mikkeli was bombed heavily during the Second World War and the pre-war city centre was considerably damaged. The city has seen modern large-scale developments built throughout significant parts of the town centre. The harbour was a busy industrial port but the growth of rail and road transport led to a decline of the harbour activities.

Studio collective developed a spatial strategy for the city Mikkeli. The overall intention is to guide urban transformation, reconnect Saimaa lake and establish a distinctive waterfront community.

Firstly, proposed circular pedestrian and cycle links will connect the city centre to the natural shoreline. Consequently all new streets, spaces and views will provide a direct connection towards the lake. Secondly, a continuous water network will link the water bodies and initiate a distinctive urban condition for living, working and recreation. Finally the lake edge will be transformed into a central a shoreline park.

Satama City will become a destination of choice. It will offer exceptional natural and urban landscapes and defining the Saimaa regional Lake point of entry.