share the line

The share the line initiative investigates the extension of the Low Line from Borough to Camberwell. The two and half miles new line will be positioned alongside the London, Chatham to Dover railway arches and will display its multiple distinct characteristics and identities.

The line will reveal new relationships and encourage direct dialogues, it will offer a unique chance to reimagine a collective urban life. The line will instigate a revised spatial order by unlocking abandoned landscapes and disconnected local communities. The share the line intervention(s) will transform neglected spaces into connected active places.

Journeying along the line will place daily shared micro routines at the centre of life. Moments of interaction will be introduced at multiple scales and exhibit active physical interventions, spaces and events within the landscape. Strategic positioning of extra ordinary elements such as a bench, a washing line, a notice board or a climbing wall will provoke unexpected interactions.

The share the line initiative does not try to control its physical final appearance but instead offers responsive spatial tools to initiate and guide the transformation process. The open and connected nature of the line will unite with its surroundings. Such as: local interchanges, allotments, the arches, gardens, parks, playgrounds, living streets and yards.

The line will be grounded, never raised and is precisely positioned. Depending on local conditions it will effectively adjust its dimensions, form, programme and composition. The line will intentionally unfold a dynamic sequence of spaces and events and will instantaneously encourage the passerby to slow down and allow for mindfulness and personal reflection.

The line will be an active layer of engagement with the landscape, its surroundings and local communities, becoming an exceptional piece of the city realm.