The Waterways

New York City is a product of the American society: economic and cultural freedom and social equality has informed the order of the city. Consequently, the individual expression and desire for a better future have been the primary reasons to immigrate there.

Firstly because of the fast expansions of the harbour activities in the 18th century, the waterfront became part of city life. Second the city implemented, halfway the 19th century, generous parks and parkways to improve the quality of life.

After the explosive growth of the car industry, New York started to accommodate the car. This proved to be catastrophic: the large-scale expressways and developments created a fragmented city.

The proposed waterways will re-connect the city to its primary natural landscapes; the rivers, canals, creeks and Atlantic Ocean. Above all the network will integrate its communities within the city and become the new public domain for the New Yorker.

The waterways sidewalks will be transformed into a unique place to socialise, exchange thoughts and share public spaces and facilities. As a result New York City will flourish again, re-discover her local assets and respond positively to the changing demand.

Unity will become the driver for future transformation.