Ville Révélation

European cities continue to be under pressure. City centres are often inaccessible and not able to effectively steer urban transformation.

Through mapping, photography and design Ville Révélation investigates the future spatial organisation for the city of Liège. The city is not a planned and therefore has grown overtime in a natural and spontaneous way. The multi-layered city informs Liège diverse urban characteristics.

Despite its unique local conditions, natural urban growth has lead to an inefficient and fragmented organisation of the city. Overtime Liège has lost its identity, ability to attract sufficient inward investment and steer urban transformation.

To reactivate Liège we propose the implementation of 12.5 miles of missing road links which will initiate an orthogonal city network. This new network is formed by urban lanes which will re-activate unexploited areas and guide urban transformation.

The “missing links” will offer a new perspective for Liège, by shaking off its traditional radial network, and above all transform into a connected and interactive city. Ville Révélation!